Architectural coworking


Architectural coworking

First architectural co-working
St. Petersburg
from the young architectural bureau KLAUZURAspb
This is a new platform for architects, designers,
constructors, engineers, furniture makers,
manufacturers, customers and others.
A place where the professional community can not only
work on cases, communicate at events and develop
together. But it is also the center of attraction for
citizens who are interested in urban, architecture and
Together we create a community that is interested in
transforming the city as a whole!


Our team is the author of the project of the new urban space
Brusnitsyn is a new space on the seashore overlooking the
Gulf of Finland. An open area with a landscaped
embankment, a promenade, concert and club venues, music
bars, concept restaurants, non-random cafes and other
inspiring objects.
Brusnitsyn is an ideal place for holding festivals. This is a
new landmark of St. Petersburg you have to visit in order to
feel the soul of the Northern capital.
Brusnitsyn is a new word in the nightlife of the city with the
atmosphere of European parties, which attracts with its
brightness and safety.

Coworking conditions